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Weaving A New Tapestry

‘Weaving a new tapestry requires an ability to remain peaceful and attentive.’

As I began to write my show notes the words Grace and Ease were gently placed into the field of awareness. Those moments when everything is flowing without any distortion or interference.

How can we create more of those moments?
What would our lives feel like?

I have never done any weaving, yet I have done rug hooking and macrame which can become very challenging.

In the beginning it was filled with tension and many moments of aggravation which lessened over time as I began to find a rhythm in which I felt deeply aligned with creating something that reflects peace and beauty.

Look at life right now from the aspect of creating newness within yourself rather than worrying or fearing what is old and no longer bringing you joy.

Create a new you that shines brilliantly and expresses your true creative self that is loving, kind, and filled with Grace and Ease for all to enjoy.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.15.22