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Serenity or Distortion – Show Notes 8.12.22

We are amid changes to everything we once relied on, and it is creating great confusion.

Confusion surrounds us and comes from deep within us like a volcano.

The fire deep within us is raging and seeking release after thousands of years of fuel released into our subconscious minds.

We have been through generations of fear and trauma that we can no longer contain.

Trauma is not new, as it is a cycle of life that is a part of our evolution.

What is new for us is that we have created so many distortions to the electromagnetic fields we live in that our planet is now having to counterbalance them. So too, are we as well.

We will adjust to this, but for now, we must allow our childhood trauma to be released, much like the smoke before the lava flows. If we remove the pressure of what has been held back due to a lack of understanding as young children and energized by our adult conflicts, we begin to gain back our serenity.

When we return to moments without all that distortion from the subconscious, the smoke clears, and we no longer fear the volcano.

By letting ourselves become more aware of all the inner pain and suffering, we can release it through forgiveness. Forgiveness honors us as small children, and we cannot comprehend what was causing the painful chaos and suffering we had no choice but to escape. Let us also realize that those who were the perpetrators of all were also suffering from their childhood and painful life experience.

It is time to come home into our hearts and release all that keeps us fearful of the future, knowing that we genuinely can embrace life with Love and share it with future generations who are here with us now.

They were seeking as we did for Peace, Light, and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.12.22