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Gratefulness And Healing – Show Notes

As we enter the month of September, the word that arose for me this morning is grateful. It is a feeling of contentment that many of us may not think about during all the chaos we are dealing with at this moment.

The physical and social world we live in is changing shape and form very rapidly, destabilizing our ability to feel grateful.

Our focus is constantly being redirected onto negative issues, whether personal or global, and our stress levels resemble an extreme roller coaster ride.

Stress, grief, and fear are not a source of amusement, as they create shock waves within our neural network. Each of these separately threatens our physical and psychological well-being, yet when combined, they threaten everyone we encounter.

Nearly all the tissues in our body are affected by an imbalance, which keeps us unable to function at our most efficient potential.

Therefore, we need to seek moments of Gratefulness as it reduces the cortisol levels in our bodies which is our stress hormone.

Our new world of online communication has created a disconnection rather than a better connection with each other and depleted our ability to be comfortable within our bodies.

We need to refocus on the inner self, which is in crisis and outwardly expressing its inability to stay in balance.

There are many sources of Gratitude Exercises to help us and activities online that will guide us to rebuild and enhance our emotional and behavioral systems.

I urge you to seek assistance if you are tired of your emotional roller coaster ride, which begins externally and affects us at an intense inner level that can be shifted through our internal capabilities.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.2.22