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Full Moment

Tonight as I settle in to a more peaceful rhythm the above words flow forth from a very ancient part of my memory. It provokes me to define it with my limited human brain and I choose instead to ask for Guidance.

We might ask what is Full Presence or we might get caught up in defining silent sentience.  Either way we are responding to something that is very inherent in our genetic structure.

We are watching and feeling it all unfold from both a physical as well as a spiritual point of existence. There is also a great amount of exaggerated distortion in the energy field of our Heart. Reducing our ability to reach Silent Sentience.

“The world you dwell in, here on Planet Earth, is rapidly moving though frequencies that are difficult to pinpoint let alone understand. Which in turn create many waves of energy which are very overwhelming to all life forms in this present now. It can be very painful to witness or experience yet it is relatively short in terms of what you call time.

Full Presence is your ability to access and utilize every strand of your present DNA and assist in their acceptance of your new crystalline codes. Not by your doing or planning but by your ability to allow yourselves to calmly expand beyond the limitations which hold you in a somewhat frozen state of collective inferiority, as the Human Race.

What is important to remember is that you are not alone during this process no matter how dark it may appear. There are many Beings on many Levels of Existence which are assisting you now to become Your Fully Present Self

The Moment of Being Fully Present is the Zero Point… the Moment of Origin. It is the Source Level of all that can be transfigured into form.

Our Original Self which is both silent and sentient, exists within that Zero Point and it is from that Moment We co-create in full agreement and alignment with the Source of Our Unconditional Love. … S O U L

We ask you to seek deep within your Heart-Space for those areas of gentle stillness from which the Crystalline Light attracts your human attention.
Allow yourself to dwell there for gradually longer periods of time.
Remember that you are not a single dimensional creation… you are multi-dimensional and that is not fully understood by current human intelligence.”

As I conclude this message from my Guides and Teachers I ask that each of you be gentle and kind to yourself as you move through all that arises to distract you.
Make it a point to take time to be silent in a safe and comfortable environment as honestly ask questions from within your Heart rather than your head.

The head has been programmed to have an agenda and the wisdom that is needed now operates best when accessed by the Heart’s Desire not the Mind’s search engine.

Blessings to you all as we travel together along this challenging path.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.12.2020