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Become A 10

We all deal with numbers daily, but it is not all about our finances and wealth. It is also a language of sorts with many meanings and values that are spirit-based.

10.21.2022 breaks down to 10, which is 1 and 0.

Number 1 relates to self-leadership and ambition…

It calls us to look deep within ourselves for the truth of our purpose in this rapidly changing world.

Do you have a hidden desire that you never told anyone? Perhaps it is time to begin to explore the possibilities of a new beginning.

We have been taught and continue to follow what everyone else tells us without ever knowing us.

World leaders now see us as numbers on a computer screen and treat us with the same concern as their profit margins and commodities.

The new beginnings driven by motivation within bring a level of trusting more deeply in our abilities.

Those gifts of wisdom create progress for all life here on Earth and achieve a triumphant feeling within us.

What or Who is this SELF that is deep within our hearts?

This optimistic, confident, highly creative human being is You without fear and with a determination that rises unadulterated from within your heart to the brain, which knows its place is to listen rather than calculate and respond.

You were born a 10, and the 0 represents New Beginnings.

Some call it the ‘God’ force, while others recognize it as Universal Energy.

How we try to classify it is less important than what it truly is and how we respect its power.

In many ways, the energies change forms or intensity yet always remain within us to keep balancing and harmonizing the physical structure we call a body.

Those energies refer to our spiritual self, which, when focused on, offers us a higher vibrational understanding of all we cannot put into words by many teachers.

All great teachings speak of the same energy source according to their focused ability to transpose it all into a way of life.

Our intuition then cannot be trusted and becomes a foe that is needed more than ever to see through the confusion humans have co-created over thousands of years.

Pay particular attention to your intuition and allow leadership and honor to declare your independence and creative powers.

Each of us is needed to be original, determined, and individually successful with our energy as we co-create positive actions to re-balance all of us.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.21.22