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“Each of us is entering the future self, and together we will gather in Peace”. ~ Riverman

Our Omnipotent Self

Discovering our power can bring about many emotional energies that may challenge us to let go of past experiences and move into the unknown yet omnipotent self.

Each of us will find this to be challenging on many levels, for there are many fears and pains connected to our past that we carry within us in a state of unknowing.

The energies arising from our dreams and deep emotional releasing are inviting us to ground deeply within the center of our heart where the energy of our pure divine essence and truth will ground us.

Grounding energy allows us to safely enter the space of our power. Recognizing our true powers by their pure vibrational rhythm, they calm our fear and anger to enable us to see that it truly has no power over us, except that which we allow it to have.

It is then that we can let go of limitations and boundaries deep within and around ourselves and others.

Grounding energy allows us to influence not only our energy system; it also realigns our sense of  reality and the choices and decisions we make.

We may find ourselves making choices and decisions that were once scary or challenging while now allowing ourselves to experience all that grounds us into vibrations of the pure love essence of our creator.

When we are in our pure love power, we are in service to ourselves and simultaneously empowering as well as to others around us.

Being aware of the reactions others have to our presence, remember that coming from our truth is a service to all.

Let us also recognize that some people will benefit and accept our true power as others may choose to fear and reject it.  

Go In Love and offer Peaceful Light
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.27.23