Unity And Cohesion

Listening to the cold wind gusting from the WNW this morning, Spirit guided me to think about the severe weather that creates suffering, separation, and loss for many.

2023 is a new way of experiencing life for all humans as Unity diminishes at many levels of our everyday existence. Yet, it also has a song that invites us to learn and sing from our hearts.

The song is one of Unity and Peace for All.

Perhaps Rumi expresses it well in his words, “A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.” — Rumi.

Unity refers to a harmony and balance of energy that is not only renewable but also a vibrational frequency of Light that is always available within us.

Nothing can destroy the source of Peace and is kept from rising within us by feeling fear.

When we unlock our hearts from fear, we can witness the truth and adapt our brains to change our hearts’ frequency from duality to wholeness.

A completely different wavelength ensures better communication with all of nature and each other.

Let us all reunite within our hearts first by offering Peace to ourselves.

May we then share it with all we encounter who have been through pain and suffering inflicted by greed and selfishness?

There is a long way to go, yet the path is now open to a more peaceful inner presence, unity, and harmony with our beloved Mother Earth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron