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Love Is Expansive Gratitude

Within each of our hearts
there is a sacred universal presence
emanating from deep beyond our understanding

Unending and purifying light beams
hold within them a divine, precious,
and magnificent gift of Love.

Yes, we are:
The living bearers of high spirits.
The wisdom of peace.
The Unconditional Love that extends mindful appreciation to all.

Let there be Love!
Let there be Light!

We are allowing our hearts to beat as One!
One Heart! One Love! Forever!

Allow Your Love to include all who suffer physically or emotionally.

Be the Light of Joy for those who are sad or lonely.
Be gentle with those who are hungry or homeless.
Be kind and compassionate to all in thought and action.

Encourage your Heart to seek truth and trust and rebalance the brain for Love to thrive.

It is our opened Heart that heals ourselves and others.

It is our shining Light that removes the heavy darkness.

It is each of you honoring your True Self which the Universe supports.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

I Am You

You Are Me

We Are Unity

One Heart

One Love

For Ever

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Written for the Global Heart Team on Global Love Day 5.1.2023