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Blaming or Balancing

Grand rising to all as we move further along in recognizing how confused we truly are.

The words Balancing and Blaming caught my attention this morning as I quickly scanned the internet.

The word Blame shows me how much we like to point away from ourselves when what is happening to us or around us is difficult to accept.

Years ago, my guides offered me this explanation,






Blame – v. To hold responsible or find fault with.

Blame is an energy field that is chaotic and creates separation within us so that we direct our focus of personal power away from us in order to re-establish a sense of self-control and balance.

Balance – n. A stable mental or psychological state; emotional stability.

On the other hand, balance is stability in which we feel secure and can use our higher dimensions of awareness to avoid all chaos or harmful responses as we evolve.

We are not the only living forms evolving at this moment, so how do we bring ourselves back into a rhythm within which we can truly see and feel no longer separated, staying within the wholeness of our more significant embodiment?

Let us gather in a sacred circle’s center and call ourselves back from the edge of the abyss into which we are pointing.

Let us gather in the heart center, visualizing a brilliant Golden Ray of Light descending into our hearts.

It flows like a Golden Nectar river as it collects within us and calls us to bathe in its warm and deep loving kindness.

I know that in this womb of Light, it is easy to feel yourself melting into the warmth of this Bliss, which passes all understanding.

Remembering once again that we are whole and complete, we become that in grace again.

Each of us is a part of the other in Harmony and Balance – In Joy and Peace.

Remembering that this is who we are as we leave this sacred and loving energy.

Returning to our body awareness, we will now see the many scattered particles of our lives as only journeys we took while returning to wholeness.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.21.23