The month of December 2012 was surely packed with energy and it has taken about another month of quiet reflection and re-calibration to catch up with all that transpired.

I will now try to recapture my musings for you…

Bursting forth

from diamond light

free to choose again

sparks fly

and angels sing

no turning back

each day a gift

both given and received

cRb 12.4.12
Balance is not achieved

by standing still

it takes a constant

stream of energy…

enfolding and morphing
into never before experienced

light bodies…

from where we will deliver

freedom from resistance.
cRb 12.4.12
Basking in the Light
of dawning knowledge
listening to the gentle
waves of wisdom
awakening the Love
in my Soul
cRb 12.6.12
All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts. All beliefs contain agreements but not all agreements contain beliefs.

WE are now entering into a period of our evolution where old agreements are no longer aligned with our highest good or full potential. Many of them have to be renegotiated, cancelled or released as their energies will hold us back from complete transformation.
Once we can identify them, we have to look beyond the thoughts we think, change our point of view and affirm that they will no longer serve us.                                               

cRb 12.8.12

the outer world
with metamorphosis

of shapes and form

from familiar to surreal

the electro of sound

to return to innocence
reflecting inner changes

Solstice almost here!

cRb 12.10.12

Today in Oneness I send Love to my ancestors, to all beings in this lifetime and to all who will arrive here shortly. My heart will remain open and I will dwell there now and forever, never forgetting again my source or destination, for they are the same.

cRb 12.13.12 

Let us grieve at the loss of our beautiful children be they in Connecticut, China or anywhere else in this world.
May we find compassion rather than blame

May we seek to understand rather than avenge
May we remember our own innocence and purity
and May we join at the heart to bring about a change in the world where life is sacred once again.
I love you all and I Am with you in all your thoughts and prayers.

cRb 12.14.12

We cannot be looking for spiritual meaning by asking When, How, Why nor Who or What for these are the reactions of a mind apart from Spirit. To Endure is not our function here but to Enjoy and each are opposites coming from a belief in separation Love or Fear. We must surrender the mind to Spirit and know that as horrible as we may perceive what transpires here before us we are safe in the arms of our Divine Mother who has never left us to a world that appears to want to devour us.

cRb 12.15.12

from the heart comes action 
from the mind reaction…
we each will choose Love or Fear.
 May we choose better in the future 
than we have in the past 
lest nothing change at all.
cRb 12.16.12


Because we are here and work in 3d we have linear thinking but it does not limit us. All the above suggestions and more are available as it is not how the brain connects but the heart. I love to hear how everyone is gong to be there. Your symbols of connection will represent the connection from mind to heart and we will all share as One. Our intention of heart to connect, participate and receive and any moments of awareness during the day to the energies however small are enough to activate any and all of us.
cRb 12.17.12

Hearts exposed

no place to run

naked in our pain

Each child now

becomes our own

their fears

now ours to bear

Wounds will heal

tears will vanish

the loss not forgotten

 cRb 12.18.12

The Unity of our hearts is transitioning to a new level and we are spiraling in from the outer edges to the core of our Presence. Each of us a another facetof the Diamond Light which will emanate forth into the heart of Gaia as we join together. Shine On! 
 cRb 12.18.12

Thankfulness is the radiating force which joins each of us in silence a space filled with kindness and honor.

cRb 12.18.12


As we are now entering the vortex of our Galactic Alignment and preparing to focus our intentions through a variety of ceremonies and practices. Take a deep breath of gratitude and remember there are many paths which will all meet at the Center.

cRb 12.18.12


cRb 12.18.12

Our personal identity is framed by beliefs and agreements which we have chosen, freely or otherwise, and may no longer be of value in a world of humans entering a New Age of consciousness.

May we reach within our own experience to look again at those we ascribe to and perhaps re-tune them for the greater good of all.

“The question is not whether our beliefs are right, or wrong, but whether being attached to them is more or less likely to benefit us. There is no such thing as a free choice while being emotionally attached to a belief system. The moment we are self-aware enough to realize this we can truly work together to figure out the real odds of what will benefit us the most.” ~ Prof. Corey Anton

   cRb 12.22.12

The Light which is come to Earth is within your very heart
Each of you shining so brilliantly that blindness is the result
Blindness in which you see no differences, have no judgments, nor find any faults.

The darkness which can only create shadows,
will retreat again as always
for it has no real power.
A mere tarnishing of your spirit.

May your Light be rekindled
and be the gift you choose to give,
this Christmas and throughout the year.

cRb 12.23.12
The energies that are presently entering and leaving now are affecting many who are not even aware. As many will continue to do so, it will be of importance to find the (time frame) space which suits each individual best. The old paradigm and it’s concepts of time will be of no use to understand what is happening now. Be at peace with your own abilities to open to and accept what is changing and leave the rest where it is. All will be as intended. ~ Anamika
cRb 12.24.12

As Melchior followed
the Christmas Star
In his heart was Hope
As he entered the stable
In his mind was Peace
As he looked upon
a sleeping Jesus
In His Light was Love
May each of us
be filled to overflowing
with the Love
which comes from
our Divine Mother
holding her infant child
on this Christmas 0f 2012

cRb 12.24.12