The Sun Emits an M5.9 Solar Flare
peaking at 6:49 p.m. on June 7, 2013

And So…

Lilting to one side
and listening with intent
I cannot bear to hear
the sadness in your hearts

There is only abundance
with flowing intention
to uplift and sustain
all who dwell in creation

Nay! I say to the doom and gloom
which pours forth as poison
raising the fear level
in all who have lost hope

This too will pass!
Yet not without
the roar of Thunder
heard from within
the canyons of our hearts

So that we will remember

and embrace each other
in the face of all demons
appearing to threaten our existence

We are the Lightning Warriors

reaching into the unknown
as we have done throughout many lifetimes.

cRb 6.8.13