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Daily Water Reflection 600w.jpg

Daily Water Reflection

In the stillness of the morning
with the waters not yet stirred
the sun slowly moves across its surface

Rising and lengthening in a purposeful pattern

This daily ritual seeks not an audience
yet it allows all those who pass by
a moment of sacred contemplation

Silently reconnecting their heart to its source

A trail of Light that beckons them all
into breathing more slowly and quietly
so as not to disturb an ancient remembering

Now deeply felt and acknowledged as unification

This daily ritual of sweet remembrance
stays within our bodies radiating Unity
as we turn away and begin our daily routines

Our busy-ness of collective separation

Forgetting except in brief moments of fond recall
our fragile longing to return to the water’s edge
where our illusions disappear in the shining reflections

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.10.19