IMG_0950Feeling a bit of Nostalgia today as I reflect on a picture of myself that I posted on facebook.

I Am always amazed at who I see when I look at pictures of myself, especially older ones. The long hair and beard are gone and the red is now white. My crown now shines without hair and while the mustache is the same length the beard is trimmed. I also remember the words – “You clean up nicely”, being said by those who were always a bit more Main Street than I.

I have not really changed except in appearance and it was time to let this image go as to not affront people and raise their judgments before they got to know me. Something we aren’t too concerned about here in the world of algorithms and keystrokes.

The following words are what came forth as I pondered the reflection of a younger Self…

The joy and sadness, the success and the failure dance together in spirals of forward movement. Each blending and reflecting in each other all the dreams and desires we have ever conjured.

Who are we but the reincarnated charmers of all old traditions evolving into and returning to our original Self.

Oh how the wheels of Time have played upon our souls and we have fooled ourselves again. Except in these moments of clarity in which we renew our vow of Presence in this Dimension of Creation.

cRb 10.2.14