1st Glance 1

Morning 1st Glance

Here we are in March and already the noise is just beginning for American politics. My intention is to not get caught in its insidious web of lies and judgments. There is not a choice anymore for me and I find that letting go of the struggle to find some real merit in any of the candidates is what will serve me best.

Many of you may argue that this is not the way and will continue to fight and bicker with each other over the crumbs of your rights which have been stolen. I support you in making choices based on compassion rather than economics, kindness instead of greed and love rather than fear.

I will advise you all though, as this unfolds onto your dining room tables and your work traffic snarls, watch carefully at how you are being manipulated, driven by your fears and prejudices, tossed into a religious frenzy in which the winners take all and you are left with the mess to survive through again.

Am I hopeless you may ask? I will answer not at all for the energies have changed and it is time to fly out of the frenzy, leave the sleepers in their beds. Right now your personal actions are more important than your collective and your freedom does not come from rules and laws intended to contain and enslave you. Look to aligning yourself with your hearts and act accordingly, get out of your heads which have been bought at birth and stand in YOUR TRUTH as you would have done to you, choose for others. They are you and it is time to Love Yourself.