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Here on the threshold
looking past and beyond
how synchronous our movement
becomes with all of nature

Abstraction becomes familiar
intensity defines what we feel
yet physically we remain
connected to each other

Remember when we chose separation
creating this great adventure
thinking it would fun
and so it has been for many

Let us now recognize each other
in our amazing disguises
these costumes of genetic creation
we have so artistically donned

Once again to embrace our unity
beyond the colors or languages
at a deeper level of consciousness
which has been hidden not removed

cRb 12.1.15

The picture was of course creatively manipulated but was taken at sunrise as I was participating in WE CHOOSE LOVE – Raising Humanity into Unity Consciousness on the 25th of November.

The words are a result of a meditation/journey yesterday in which I met many ancient people in a long lost civilization which now is only a legend.

They were of different races, ethnicity and spoke many languages yet all welcomed me and asked me, “Do you remember when we chose separation? When we thought it would be fun to create all this diversity. So nice to see you again.”

Let Us begin to embrace each other again in unity, celebrating our diversity but remembering we are old friends.

May Peace, Light and Love open your hearts!