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Butterfly 7.20.15
Don’t know if I have lost myself
or found myself.
I must be somewhere in between
shadow and illusion,
and the Real and Unseen.
-Linda Mottet

First, I wish a Happy Solstice to each of you.

Many times we are just in the moment and everything just flows without our really exercising much thinking… anything can happen.
Synergy is the effect of two or more, in this case Humans, interacting and creating through synchronous cooperation “a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effect”. (dictionary.com)

This morning I answered a challenge on facebook to post one of my favorite nature photographs for 7 days. Normally I don’t do this but since I love to take photos of nature and being an amateur I felt comfortable in committing myself to the challenge.

I posted the picture of this butterfly and a friend Linda Mottet replied that she thought it was beautiful. Well, her book of poetry, “What Dragonfly Knows” sits on my desk and I often pick it up and randomly read her words with much delight.

Her words above resonated with me and brought a new dimension to the picture which delighted both of us.
Then in the delight of her response I wrote…

Hearts a fluttering
Synchronistic thought patterns
Miracles abound

So as we embrace each other, whether in cyberspace or the world we call reality…
May we always stay open to those moments
which the Sun standing still
allows us to reflect on.
The Light shining
into the open chambers of our hearts
encouraging us to be
all that we can possibly be
And allow Synergy to happen.