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Pyramids in the Sun

It is hard to believe we are almost at Summer Solstice and all the insane shifts we have been making are not letting up.
Each of us have our own stories yet we are not ever going to fall back asleep again after all this emotional and physical processing.
That is for sure!

So here are some more of those wonderful messages that seem to find their way into my consciousness to remind us all that we are not in this alone.

Now that we have moved through the multi-level energetic waves it is time to take a look around at what is no longer there. The illusion of You is disappearing more rapidly in order to bring about Miracles which are really a part of your natural expression.

For those of us who have died and returned the question becomes…

“What If Your Lie” … ended right now.

We understand life and have chosen to return.

We remember who we really are not being…

and We end the Lie not the Life.

2017-06-09 18.02.57

I Am honored to be here at this time when all are awakening to the Truth
To assist as a Light that opens the pathways to each individual spark of Source Energy

Years ago after returning to what we call Life I wrote these words to remind me and others of how precious we all are…
Everyday Is An Adventure
It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy
Or Your Worst Nightmare
“You” Choose”
Your Wildest Fantasy Is A Limited Thought
And Your Worst Nightmare Is Just An Illusion
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1993


You are so loved and appreciated as well and together each of us weave this beautiful fabric of Light which we call humanity.
Even in its darkest hours its brilliance is greater than a thousand Suns.
If all could remember just a fraction of that Light that each of us are, we could begin the journey back into balance and unity.
You see we are all remembering, the veil is lifting, there is no separation except in our stories and our creative imaginations and expressions.
It is who we are as creators in a dimensional form.
Powerful yet restricted by limitations we have chosen to contain us, to experience and to teach us on many other levels of our Divine Self.

We awaken from the dream with fragments of it all playing in our minds. They set the stage for our agitation yet were played out long ago and are just energy which is coming up as a sign of our moving through change.

Yes, the seas are rough, the trail is rocky and it is raining. You may want to turn back, to sleep and rewrite your dream but it does not serve you.

It is time to create from deep within yourself and it is frightening at times.
Be Steadfast and know that this is not insanity but creativity and you are all creators.


flow has no separation
nor hesitation
all memory is erased

Today the word Magic hit me as in, “Have You felt the Magic?”

In the next moment I was writing this message…

M ysterious

A ctivity

G enerating

I ntuitive

C reation

2017-06-08 12.53.33.jpg

Each of us are the Love which cannot be destroyed but only hidden away from those with whom we share the same air, water, and sunlight.
Let Gratitude open and deepen its roots into the rich fertile earth of our physical presence and remind us we are “One Universal Family”.

Within the three rays of Awen
we are set free
to dance in the garden
as an eternal living flow

2017-04-17 19.02.13

We Are the Children of the Light.