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Here lie childhood memories
gently held within the water
Return to those places
gently forgiving that very old child
Making peace with the water within you.

Greetings and Blessings to All… As a member of the council of  LovingWaters
I will be adding a category here for Loving Waters which has both a website and a Facebook page so please visit us there as we step into Phase 2 of our journey to inspire others to honor all waters through ceremony and blessings as well as becoming active in your communities for its protection.

This is the Winnekenni Basin where as a small boy I fished and chased frogs and turtles.
This is my reflection in the water listening deeply as I remember those days of  young innocence.

Oh how a 12-year-old boy romps through nature without regard for his surroundings.
Trying on his masculine energy that he was so rapidly moving into.  Seeing little of his future and much less the chaos he was creating in the moment, for his elders were not there to teach him.

Now he is the Elder and must recognize that his teaching others to respect the water was not always held as a value.
As each of us have now grown to be wiser and see our own lifetime of behaviors…
We find that we have collectively led humanity to a dangerous world where Water has now become a commodity. It is sickened and polluted, bought and sold and fought over without regard for its intrinsic value to all living organisms.

So as this Elder was transformed to into a young boy again, the water reminded him of his youthful damage. The water was holding it all in memory just as we do in our own bodies.
The water was not angry but wanted to have that memory released and so the boy forgave all whose actions and understanding failed and was forgiven in return.

In one tiny moment of thankfulness and blessing both the human and the water became whole and could now play as children again without regrets but in a true resonance.

Every time we Bless the Water we are also Blessing the water within us and erasing the memory of separation.

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