May each of your Hearts open
as You Breath into this,
as the Lotus in the Garden Pond
of Oneness.


The Magi Way - The Art of Being...You

And so the people of the earth come together as One. The children of the earth enjoy creating life on Mother Earth in the faint mist of the past, no longer in thought’s length. The lessons have been learned and the babies line up to begin creating Paradise on the land.

It begins with the breath. The loving breath. As we bring in the goodness with our loving breath, thoughts of prosperity, growth, warmth and comfort begin to create a bounty of more and more life.

The Creative Self has been here forever. Quietly, silently observing a world’s design. The forces of nature, called love, have spoken anew. The thoughts of love manifest in blooms, fire, and laughter. We rejoice in this new beginning ~ a return to Self. A Self who trusts, asks, accepts and acknowledges all that is given in the precious NOW-time moment.

We begin with the…

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