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Lots of expressions here during the month of September and these only cover the first half.
The energies were off the charts and there was much scattering and rapid changing of frequencies… but you already experienced all that.
So here are the words that came through me.

Having been aware of my Multi-dimensional Self for almost 26 years it is nice to see more men awakening to their full potential.
The key is in balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies which are not easy for the physically male humans.
The Male Ego has been not only been programmed for denial of Self it is now sick as in unhealthy as it now becomes entrained in digital alienation from itself.

Let us now accept and agree within ourselves to release the shadows of discord.
Let us embrace the vastness of expression which calls us into each other’s hearts.

Standing at the edge of infinity
I see myself being swept away
into a palette of Divine Expression
expanding into insignificance
and immortality beyond which
there is only Peace, Light and Love

Let us then manifest the Self which has no limitations or boundaries
Reclaiming our True Identity and Our Sovereign Nature
returning to Unity and Perfect Balance

It is time to be seen and when we speak from the heart the vibration will resonate in the hearts of others. There will be those who will not resonate and that is perfect yet it also gives many an opportunity to dive deeper.

We are here to stabilize the new energies! You and I and many others have chosen to be the frequency holders of Peace, Light and Love.
Individually expressed or as a Triad they are not to be dismissed as a fantasy or fancy.
Each human has a choice to make and they will make it… Unity or Separation…Consciously or Not

How wonderful and beautiful a gift
is the lifetime we are moving through…
It is not our first nor will it be our last
Let go of the fear, release the trauma
Embrace your Divine Nature
It is your Eternal Multi-dimensional Self

Let us not forget that we are here to stand with Our Planetary Mother in all aspects of Her Divine Feminine Self. The good, the bad and the ugly.

What is really retribution except a human construct and what is occurring now is our own awareness and deserving fear of how we have been the perpetrators of such violence in our hearts against Her that it would somehow be a justice to be violently destroyed.

We have never been separated nor hated except in our tiny and weak self-admiring minds which have chosen to be so truly ignorant as to create such heinous crimes against All of Creation for so many ages.

This damage is a balancing action which give us a new opportunity to see everything differently. The question is Will We? The choice is always within us and as we empathize and become of service to those who are suffering let us know that this is the greatest opportunity to change our relationship to each other and This wonderful Being upon which we are living.
May each of your hearts be opened

Let us root ourselves into her more deeply than ever before. May we then reach upward and draw forth the Our Light in greater capacity to feed and nurture Her during this birthing process. In this process We will once again remember our most Divine relationship. I See You

We all are processing a lot right now. We must remember however that we are not just caught in a web of lies and deceit and have no way out.
Service to others is our Wild Card and how we play it makes all the difference in the lives of others.
Those who seek their selfish power plays will pay the greatest price when their unsustainable energy is rendered powerless.

There is only one thing that should be on everyone’s mind everyday… the safety of our human family.
Let us gather in our hearts and guide Irma away from being the most devastating hurricane in history.
Let us send calming energy into the voracious and dynamic presence.
Let us create a vortex of serenity in the projected pathway that is equal to or more powerful than her oncoming push for landfall.
WE are powerful Creators who truly are being called to stand in our Fullness and are to be the Light that no longer is dimmed by Darkness.

Kindness is such a beautiful expression of the Heart and perhaps the most powerful aspect of Love. Within its embrace everything flourishes and radiates the highest vibration of Divine Balance.

Let us root ourselves into Mother Earth more deeply than ever before. May we then reach upward and draw forth Our Light in greater capacity to feed and nurture Her during this birthing process. In this process We will once again remember our most Divine relationship.

Thank you to the thousands of people around the world who are actively assisting those in need right now.

May each of you who are now facing the aftermath of the storms which have rendered so many homeless and suffering, please be kind and respectful.

Everyone is very emotional and needs your loving support.
Reach out, when and where you can from your hearts.

The active presence of kindness does more than you can imagine for those whose despair is overwhelming.

Our days are numbered is an old phrase. Yet it brings forth the importance for us all to start every day with gratitude and adoration.
The gratitude that we have another day to experience adoration…
“to give homage or worship to someone or something”
Let us adore and respect ourselves first for in that moment we connect with the worthiness which commands our presence to be honest and fruitful.

I was guided this morning as the energies from the Solar Flares have now lessened their effect on me and the 2 halves of my brain have now come back together in balance and harmony… to this card that was presenting itself.

We are being called to look at all aspects of our lives right now and ask for assistance as to what no longer resonates with our hearts and know that surrender is not defeat.

It is so very important that no matter what we are experiencing we need to take time to honor ourselves. Be careful out there and recognize that when you are becoming overwhelmed… You are not alone.