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Once again I have been called to speak about Choices as the world around us begins to become more stressful to us all.
The video once again is not a very good quality as I tried a different computer to correct that issue and that choice failed to bring resolution.

As I write this morning it is a message as to how my heart’s desire to produce a quality image and the choice I made still failed to correct the distortion. It is the same issue we are all suffering from during these changing times.

This is an important part of our experience as it has not disrupted my heart’s desire, but certainly challenges my mind’s concept of what is acceptable.

Humans are failing to end the distortion of separation which leads to death and destruction even when their choices are coming from the heart.
So we also have to be willing to see that sometimes our messages still get through even when things go wrong.
It is our persistence to raise the vibration of life for everyone that is not lost…
only the delivery process.

This whole Facebook Live opportunity with Humanity Healing has truly challenged me in ways that I never thought of before. Yet I made the choice from the heart to bring Light and encouragement to others so that they may be seen and heard as well and to not fear speaking from the Heart.

Life as we know it is rapidly changing and so are We.

Don’t let the minor inconveniences or the self critic stop you from making choices which you know are coming through your Heart for the elevation of all to live in harmony and be their best.
Stand firmly in your Divine Presence and bring it through.
Some people will resonate and some will criticize, yet it is You who earns Self-respect for your efforts of being Truly Heart-minded.

So with that now flowing,
I’m just going to post links to Facebook/ Humanity Healing and my YouTube page for you to watch the video.

May your week be filled with personal revelations which uplift and enhance us all as we move closer together in Unity of the Heart.

Presence Of Light 10.8.16 – Humanity Healing / Facebook

Choices We Make In A Shifting World – Charlie Riverman Bergeron – YouTube
~ Charlie Riverman