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Point of Return

We humans are an amazing species of Life and cannot ever imagine fully what it is like to not Be outside of our physical bodies.
Well in 1991 I had what is typically identified as an NDE and have been expressing myself as such for 27 years next month.

Recently I was cleaning out some posts from my Facebook Notes page as it was a very nice place to post until the parameters changed and became somewhat limited in its ability to be similar to a blog.

So as I was removing articles and reposting some I found this picture and writing which describes my return to Source on the day I died and then back into this body.

So I offer it here for you to all to enjoy and think about.

The Point of Return

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Looking in what appears to be a downward direction
from a point within pure consciousness
you see yourself talking as if watching a movie
the moment fades away as gently as it came.

Questioning the vision, seeing beyond cognition
being drawn into the mystery,
they call us from within and expect no answer
but that of our oneness.

With sameness and familiarity,
now accepted, we relax and let the journey begin
each step becoming less necessary as we
are gently guided into the brilliant portal

Before us, brighter than sunshine,
This vertical light shaft draws us and wraps around us
As if we were age-old friends, knowing us intimately
And yet not judging, we merge

Into the Light we expand without moving
No body, no mind, all self-image left behind