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Precious Drop of Water

Snowflake flying in the breeze

Misty Sky we breathe

We are you in another form

Flowing around you and within you

Adoring you in Our full awareness

Gathering as precious droplets

Becoming One magnificent flow

Pulsing through the Arteries of Life

Bowing to You and each other

As We listen to Your every ripple

In awe of your Life Giving Presence

We Love You

We Thank you

We Respect You

We Are You


New Moon 3.6.19


Sometimes the words which come through me bring me to tears. They remind me of how precious Life truly is and how our honoring Life is the greatest act of kindness and compassion we can ever express.

We are Water Being Human…
I know that sounds very absurd to many of you yet scientists have explained how on a molecular structure level we are 99% water. Most of us can accept that on a physical level we are 60-80% water.

Yet in all of this discussion of what is the complete or true answer, none of us will exist without clean water.

So I ask each of you to begin to see the water in all life forms and deepen your relationship to it by singing to it, or praising it, or offering it prayers of thanksgiving.

Each drop is precious just as you are and you cannot separate yourself from it…
Let Us become Whole again by honoring ourselves and each other at this level and We will change the world in the most amazing ways.