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Manifestation and Dissolution

Has anyone felt like they have been attacked on some level over the past week?
It doesn’t matter whether it was psychically or physically… just at some level of your awareness.
Of course many could say that every week but that would be a different talk.

Feeling attacked on any level is never a pleasant experience.
Yet, it is an opportunity to realign our emotional attachments to what may not serve our Higher Self any longer.

Our first reaction is emotional shock and then we go into the fight or flight adrenaline mode.

It is here where our greatest opportunity lies.
It is an opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and act from a completely new center of resonance.

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So let’s talk about the word Manifest first…
Having the ability to create, achieve or bring about change
This is who We Are as Creators

We are constantly manifesting something… good, bad or otherwise. It is a process of renewal which hopefully extends from Love and Gratitude for the Gift of Life We have received.

However as we look around at the world we begin to see so much that does not align with a Graceful Pattern of Manifestation and we see how the opposite is finding each of us or at least appearing out of nowhere a lot lately.

Opposing Manifestation is Dissolution which is sometimes very disturbing yet is necessary for new processes to appear out of the emptiness it creates.

For me Dissolution requires Surrendering to this process of feeling attacked and then observing it from a different level of ourselves. A higher viewpoint where we become the audience rather than the actor on the stage.

Of course this is not an easy process yet if we surrender to our Higher Selves we soon begin to realize that we are merely being seen and triggering a response from our audience.

I drew a card from the Keys To Happiness Oracle Cards from Gordon Smith

The Circle Of The Clouds

“the clouds of dharma are protecting the truth”

The positive side of this is about overcoming all obstacles in our lives including the fears we may think are insurmountable by guarding our five senses from inappropriate actions.

The negative would be to allow ourselves to trust in our doubt and lose sight of our Spiritual Path. (paraphrased meanings)

Created You Too

Each of us are being challenged right now.
Not as much by others but by ourselves.
These challenges will appear as if they are instigated or perpetrated by others and directed toward us with harmful or derogatory intention and purpose.

This is Illusion in its Grandest Display.
While many of you will say “No This is Real”

Let me introduce these words into our conversation now…
I stay still. I acknowledge. I accept.
I surrender. I let go. I accept.
I manifest. I receive. I accept.

Easier to say than adopt and feel yet it can be done and if done repeatedly will lead you through the Illusions back home to your Truth.

We will begin to see so many of the games we play that can be very purposeful but distracting us from Our Divine Purpose.
We will begin to understand how we manifest exactly what we need to wake us up… even if not pleasant or a form of attack.
Yes these attacks are harmful both in the physical and psychological realms and yet they are ready at all times to be dissolved by acceptance and surrendering.

In the end We regain or renew a deeper connection with who and what We Truly Are as Beings of Light and Love. Shifting all obstacles out of our path of evolution and realigning with our Heart’s True Purpose.

Many Blessings to each of you as this Talk was the last of my 7th Decade of life and I begin anew.