From the Mountains

There are times when we are not looking for any answers. Just taking time to enjoy the local scenery. The fresh air and sound of nature implore us to let go of our personalities.
Of course it is more interesting when it is the top of a mountain (even a small one).

The mountain I’m standing on in the cold winds of February is Mount Agamenticus here in York, Maine USA.  Just a hill to many areas of our world (as it is only 692 ft ) yet the view of the Mountains of New Hampshire in the distance can be magical.

I drifted into an alignment with these amazingly powerful Beings who are a family that existed during the supercontinent Pangaea.  And off I went flowing across space and time viewing the Amazing,  distant snow covered Mountains that existed before humanity.

Sometimes it is the gentle cool breeze that touches our ear and hearkens us to listen more attentively. Because our minds want to communicate as they did when We were the first footrace with the ability to evolve.

Our Wind’s Message was simply this…

From the Mountain You Are

to the Mountain You See

The Serenity and Eternal Presence

You Seek are not that far away

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.5.20