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Your Universal Resonance

SHOW NOTES for Your Universal Resonance

The definitions I thought about were…
Universal… present or occurring everywhere – existent or operative everywhere or under all conditions.

Resonance… A synchronous energetic relationship that creates more stable and harmonious structures

SO how is your Universal Resonance doing these days? Hmmm?

Many of us are experiencing great peaks and valleys of both emotional and physical symptoms

What each of us experience is basically the same on an energetic level.

I know many will want to debate that statement, yet life is much more simple than we have made it out to be.

Each of us Are Creators of Universal Resonance.
Yet if we are not aware of it, then the patterns become easily distorted and manipulated.

Most of you to whom I speak practice a wide variety of protocols to help you stay in Harmony and Balance.
Which in turn helps the Universal Resonance to automatically reset into a deep cohesive and dynamic field of potentiality.

We Are, that field of potentiality at our most inner-core structure

We Are Pure Potential, which can never be fully separated or destroyed.

What we as humans would call Divine Blueprints are not something that are transient. They are permanent. It is only we who manipulate them which create any and all distortions.

As We understand ourselves more fully, our Ancestry is not just a few thousand years of brutality inflicted upon each other.
The deeper, inner seeking of Truth begins to offer glimpses of Pure Energy.
The same Pure Energy witnessed from the expansion of our Universe.

The Energy we have defined as Love is always expanding as well.
Until something interferes and redirects it.

Let’s become more serious about finding those moments in our daily lives where we feel that shock or resistance that interferes even for a short moment.

In order that we rebuild our field of Universal Resonance by learning where it weakest points are.

We all have them and we all have the power and grace to remove, repair or at least become aware enough to dodge or avoid them temporarily.

In order that we continue along on our collective evolutionary path.

I have a saying I use of “Moving Through The Eye of The Needle”. And we know that metaphor is not new.

Yet I see it now as a long thin path, through a crevice in stone, which we knew would always be our return. This is not punishment but a welcoming and not so much physical but spiritually energetic.

So take a deeper look at the structure of the energies you are experiencing in all aspects of your life.

Realize they are being offered to you to be released if they do not fit through that tiny crevice in the mountain you are facing.

Know that You ARE the Universal Resonance in living form and far more powerful that you think you could be ,when you align with your Heart.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.7.20