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2020-03-31 Blessing

This morning I started anew with an inner calling to be on Mt Agamenticus in York Maine to offer a Blessing.
Particularly because yesterday on the 30th of March we began a new Galactic Cycle of 260 days.

KIN 1: Red Magnetic Dragon

Galactic Activation Portal

I unify in order to nurture
Attracting being
I seal the input of birth
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me

It was sunny yet cold as the wind was dropping the temperature to around 20 degrees and I did not wear a very heavy jacket. Yet I feel I was supposed to feel the cold winds as evidence of the powers of the Element AIR and to remind me as well of the Element FIRE which would have been very inviting, as I was there to Bless EARTH and WATER.

The Blessing was done in an area where several trees have succumbed to the winds and been cut down leaving a more barren rocky outcropping that has held its place since the Ice Age.
Reminding me of those who are leaving this plane of existence due to our current human situation.

The Earth is mourning and the Water is the medicine it chose as I visited every tree and stump on this ancient rock outcropping.
I was offering droplets of Blessed Water in a Star Tetrahedron pattern and calling forth to all Ancestors to join me in harmony and balance.

These are certainly amazing times We are moving through and it is about refocusing on what is no longer sustainable in all aspects of LIFE.

Each of us are being called to make new choices that align with Our Higher Heart.
The Sacred Core of Our Being
which can only be reached
by Our Surrender
to the Truth of who We Are.

Falsity will feed what ails us and keep us in fear and greed, always grasping at the last minute for one more chance to rise out of our foolish and harmful behaviors.
However that cannot be delayed any longer… We are out of time!

So the Blessing today was for each of you to Hear the messages that are carried on the winds and Seen in the flames.
That You May Awaken to All of Your Glory.

And to Know that every little act of service that is done with Love,
is held within the Collective Field of Renewal,
for All to receive and share over and over again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.31.20