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Annie Butterfly Spiral

April 1st and there is field of energy, spiraling through us and around us.

This is not for those who are fearful but those who understand that to shape shift from one form to another takes greater skill than one would imagine.

As we now move through many uncomfortable moments in our awareness the focus must always remain on the Center.
Gaze into the center of the above altered photograph of a hand knit butterfly, whose creator turned 100 years old this past summer.

There is a Feminine and a Masculine Energy spiraling and creating a vortex from which will emerge a completely new energetic structure.
One that will both let go of the negative and accept the positive of the former one as it leaves its imaginal state.

This is where WE are right now.

It is a time to find Our Balance before full emergence, so that the complete cycle is stabilized and brought through to its Divine Completion.

How do you see your completion?
Is it Light-filled and Vibrant or is it filled with shadows and distortion?

The world around us is not the decision maker here.
It is up to each of us to take some time right now and re-assess all that no longer fits into the future and cast it away.

No tears, no struggle or fear… keeping only the acknowledgment of how Beautiful and Amazing WE Truly Are.

Each of You Are that Swirling Energy Field of Creation
and are now being asked to Trust Yourself.
To Spiral upward and forward with full confidence and amazing beauty,
to display to ALL that transformation is not only possible but necessary.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.1.20