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Wind, Rain & Viral Isolation



Good Morning and once again I rise to write my show notes for the Presence of Light Talk Live Videos

Arising to the the sounds of wind and rain coming out of the Northeast from a storm moving slowly over the North Atlantic Ocean is a true gift.
I’m reminded of Ancestors who sailed from continent to continent without knowing exactly what they might be facing.
Holding in their hearts the hope of a new life in which they would no longer be persecuted for their beliefs.

How is everyone around the world really doing during these days of being limited by their fear?

Fear is much like Wind and Rain if you deeply sit with it.
It can arise out of nowhere and take a devastating form, forcing us to run for cover or hide in our basements until it moves on.

Our ancient ancestors were very isolated as tribal communities and scattered across our Earth Mother . They were more isolated as a group than we are now as individuals.
Yet they new from the Wind that Rain was coming and they would feel somewhat isolated during long stretches of rain which now exist in fewer parts of our world.
Basically because of the limitations to provide a healthy sustenance for themselves during these sometimes long periods

They like us became Isolated from their everyday social patterns and routines to maintain a well rounded sustainability.

WE are now as a collective experiencing this, however with a different twist.
WE have lost our ability to Trust in Ourselves as having the ability or skills to survive without the superstructure we call Government.

Yet everyday WE individually still have to govern every move or need that our physical bodies require. in order to exist in them.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards from Elinor Von Linden
Growth – The world is my home.
The Universe is my back yard, and here is plenty of space for me to grow and change.

The crisis We are now facing is much more than a virus… it is one where we have taken for granted all of the amazing wonders We have both created and destroyed.
Much like the Wind and Rain does when it is over-zealous and is called to bring great change to the surface of Our Mother Earth.

Here We are and the big difference now is we are relying or being forced to rely on technology and science which is controlled and filtered to profit a small percentage of humanity not all of humanity.


There are still individual tribes which have chosen to live in isolation and will not know anything of what the world is experiencing with this current pandemic.

So please realize that this current isolation as an opportunity to dive more deeply into your own ability to survive… just like Our Ancestors.

Let us all appreciate those who are our warriors, those who are our caretakers, those which are reminding us all of the need for more kindness and compassion.

Ask and It Is Given Cards from Esther and Jerry Hicks
Moods Are Indicators of My Emotional Set-Points

When you continue to focus on any thought, it becomes increasingly easy to continue to focus on it because the Law of Attraction is making more thoughts like it available to you.
And so, emotionally speaking, you are developing a mood or you are achieving a habitual vibrational groove, so to speak – or a set-point.

This is who You are in Real Life…
Not the complainers, not the whiners, not the fearful or those choosing separation and hoarding.

We are the Dreamers many say, yet without a Dream there is no reality… there is only Illusion

So as We gather and shelter in our homes with some very basic and perhaps minimal comforts or necessities…
Please know you are Loved and Blessed
Even in Isolation… literal or figurative, self imposed or mandated
For You Are the Ancestors of the future generations
You are the Wind and Rain that is clearing away what is no longer beneficial for the whole
Your strength and power is not limited but intensifying as We begin to see our errors

In Light and Love I offer each of you Great Peace as WE connect though Our Hearts which have always known the Way of the Dream and now recognize All the Elements within us that will continue to guides through all Darkness whether self-imposed or inflicted upon us by others.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4/3/20