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This week’s topic is one that can have many different meanings for each of us.

For me, it begins as an awareness of Being where I recognize parts of myself in others.

In that recognition, there is always a moment when there is hesitation and then acceptance or denial.

I was reminded of Water droplets landing in the puddle and having that moment of acceptance, with the larger body of water, before it disappears into the greater whole.

When I look back at my past lives, I see many different moments where I would not be accepted. I did not quite meet the hidden requirements needed to be recognized and accepted as trustworthy or proper to the standard agreements of pre-established codes of existence.

All of this reminds me that being our unique Self can be very easily misunderstood by others or not fit into their collective agreements.

An essential part of our journey through life is to find Kindred Spirits, even if only for a short length of time. They allow us to feel and confirm our worthiness and assist in our not feeling alone.

Once again, it has always been a low point in my journey when those I trusted as Kindred Spirits moved on, either by passing away as in death or no longer aligning with all the personal changes we each make.

The loneliness we might feel from those events carries a sense of fear and the need to be highly alert to protect ourselves from unforeseeable dangers.

Kindred Spirits can and do become transient yet what needs to remain are the positive memories of the connection. They are the energy of our innocence being acknowledged, which assists each other to move forward along our evolutionary path.

We sometimes fail to remember that we are looking for our Self in others, and when the aspects of who we encounter are negative, they reflect a part of us that may be hidden beneath tons of emotional debris.

It is easy, of course, to overlook the negative as we look for confirmation, yet eventually, we begin to see parts of our conversations or activities become challenging to embrace.

Although it may cause significant emotional stress and end the relationship we have enamored, this reaction is a hidden gift.

Those we may think of as Kindred Spirits invite us to meet ourselves and helping us to recognize our passion and compassion.

They are not really any more important than anyone else in our world other than they help our hearts open a little wider. This opening allows us to share the peace and harmony of being in their energy fields, both physically and consciously.

Savor those moments until they start to wane and know that everything in our lives is transient. We are not here to hoard or hold on to everything that raises our harmonic frequencies.

We are here to embrace the moment of recognition – that AHA moment – the synchronicity wherein Our Light shines brighter, Our Heart beats faster, and Our Peace overrides all that is within the world of disturbance around us.

So as we meet each other in this Virtual and Sacred Vessel of Humanity Healing. We also meet many Kindred Spirits locally, every day, and it is there that Our Love for each other and ourselves is genuinely challenged.

We need to keep looking for the unique Kindred Spirits in our lives and be ready to release them when it is required, with Love.

Learning to release with Love is the key to unlocking those vaults within us that are holding the pain and suffering we have locked away for perhaps many lifetimes.

Right now, we see it playing out in every nook and cranny of the world and may feel helpless. The random violence and destruction signify the inner wounds exploding rather than being worked through by releasing them with Love.

Each of us is awakening to the inner depths of ourselves, which inspire our looking for Kindred Spirits so that we can see ourselves as the Light and Love We Are.

Just remember that even when those relationships come into struggle and explode.

One day you may come together again in another place at another time, remembering who you were in the time before, and now you can see that you are a little further along your path.

Hopefully, Much Wiser and able to see Your Self as having become the Kindred Spirit you genuinely are.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.30.21

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