Let us celebrate every day

from deep within our creative hearts

as we begin with great enthusiasm

a more profound realization of our True Unity

We are Unity in Variety

which deepens our relationship

to every human around the world

and all other living entities as well

Let us tap into the Beauty of this Unity

and recognize the singular power and grace

that exudes as a Global Heartbeat of Love

when we realize that each one of us is important

Together We co-create the beauty of the landscape

when we are in positive synchronicity with nature

each of us in a deep and respectful dance

that seeks balance rather than power

We are more potent in Unity than in separation

as Love is the Connection Field from whence we came

and cast into physical form from the Point of Light

that is still beyond our human comprehension

May we dive deeper into our heart space without fear

sharing with all of our sisters and brothers

the kindness and compassion that arises from within

for it is a well whose depth equals that of our Solar System

Reminding us that we are each a drop of precious Water

formed individually to collect as ponds, rivers, and oceans

and to be the Waters that nourish and sustain all Life

as the Beings of Peace, Light, and Love we indeed are.

Written for Global Heart Team – Unity Week
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.24.21