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SHOW NOTES – Darkness Birthing Light – 11.05.21

Darkness Birthing Light

Blessings to everyone as we celebrate the New Moon and Diwali, both of which represent returning Light.

We have also been feeling a lot of darkness within our minds and hearts because the Virus is still active, creating suffering and death for so many innocent people.

Yet, this morning the Sun was brightly shining in the eastern sky as a reminder that there is always Light that is present even when we cannot see it.

The first card I pulled this morning was from Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya, and its simple message is compelling:

Any Darkness

I Encounter

I Transform

Into Light

It reminds us that we are far more than what we have been taught to believe in these physical bodies as humans.

Reminding us that there is a Source of Energy within us, much like the Sun we see in the distant sky. However, it is deep within our hearts, not in our brains.

I’m reminded of the word “lighthearted” as I write and feel the sense of joy, freedom and wonder as it rises, just by trying to define it, just like the Sun, which is now warming my back as I write.

This is not just coincidence or dreamy talk to experience for a moment and then go back to struggling and ranting about how hard Life is.

Joy is one of the emotional energies of Light.

I ask you to go and sit by a body of Water and watch how the Light dances on the surface of the Water. It is mesmerizing, and our minds are released from worries and fears.

We are taken into the moment of no time, which exists just beyond all that our minds create as logic. The Water and Light play and dance in rhythms that take us beyond the body to an etheric world of electromagnetic waves of restoration.

You hear me always talk about Peace, Light, and Love as what I experienced in my death and many others who have had that experience, and it is not an illusion or brain process to be dismissed as delusion.

Light transports the Love of Creation to the Water, and what we call Life begins in a Peace beyond our understanding as humans or any living presence of Mother Earth.

The Miracle of all Life begins in darkness and is released into Light and is Light itself in form.

So, my simple message today is to release what keeps you from being the Light you genuinely are.

It doesn’t mean that we must create extravagant miracles. It just asks us to reconnect with the Light within us and share more of it through kindness and compassion for all others, as we are all here together, as the great separation ends.

The Light is becoming Whole again here on Mother Earth, and no matter what tries to continue in the separation will only separate itself.

May each of you awaken within your Hearts and recognize the Resonance that will uplift and carry you in streams of Peace, Light and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.5.21