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Perception and Enlightenment – Show Notes 1.21.22

Once again we are moving forward from within our hearts to a more expansive understanding of our True Self.
Today’s words enlightenment and perception are floating in my mind as the energies that are needed to quicken the inner processing of thousands of years of abuse and suffering.

All of us are carrying forward the ancestral trauma of their evolutionary processes designed by those who decided for us how we would live together in larger groups and communities.

I would like to think that there was a time of innocence in which the communities did not live in fear, yet even in the primordial wilderness there were many things that without fear we would not have survived to write or listen about.

So let us understand that our collective journey to this moment has been very challenging and perhaps we could think of it as a miracle.

The Course of Miracles Card I randomly pulled this morning reads;
“What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself.” T,80

Perception derives meaning from relationship. It is the human mind which in many cases, misinterprets everything that it encounters in our human journey. It is split it in two and reflects the possibility of choices for us to ponder.

We end up trusting our lives to a part of us that must make choices based on information it receives from outside of itself.
Over thousands of years, we have lost our true ability to trust what our True Inner Self can sense even before it may encounter it.

Resulting in a confusing drama as to where do we place our trust and what is truth.

Enlightenment offers us a vision that is singular and able to be seen before the duality of our brain begins to analyze and gather information about it.

It is from our hearts rather the mind that messages are sent more quickly than the brain can process and react to.

As a weak understanding, think of the many times you are startled by something. You may have sensed something with your energy field that is governed by the heart and became startled only when the brain caught up to the message your body was already aware of.

That awareness is enlightenment in one of its simplest forms. You received the light frequency before any other physical signal for the brain to think about.

Enlightenment is the key to our human future. How can we return to that place of innocence where the trusting of our Light body leads us rather than the secondary analytical human brain?

I will only say that each of us are now at some levels awakening and aware of that inner self which is struggling to find the truth outside of us.
For many it is their basic survival mode that they are triggering which becomes very aggressive.

So let’s focus more within our hearts as we gather information and ask ourselves if what we are choosing for others would be acceptable to us if we were in another person’s energy field.

Perhaps if we use our then heart enlightened minds we might see a more peaceful and beneficial for all life solution to our fear based model of global living

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.21.22