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Celebrate Life – Share Love

There is so much dark and heavy energy now being broadcast into the minds and hearts of all humans.

It doesn’t matter what age we may be.

Having just celebrated my 73rd birthday and being overwhelmed by the Love I received from people I never met in person has spoken to me deeply.

We truly are beings of Love and Light who have been treated like machines in a world of planned insecurity.

We are at a place in our evolution where Freedom is not “just another word for nothing left to lose”; it is a time of awakening to our Truth.

Many might ask, What Is Truth??? For it has been mixed in with so much distortion created from greed and anger.

Your Truth lies deep within your Heart.

It has always been there and cannot be erased like words on a blackboard.

As a collective, we have been separated by the recent pandemic and rulership with no respect for life.

We have killed each other and all other forms of life on Mother Earth for thousands of years and are destroying Mother Earth herself.

So I offer this writing of mine from a couple of years ago;

Mother Earth Heart Resonance

Let us gather within Our Sacred Heart energy.

Honoring the fire which rises from within Mother Earth

Let us feel the warmth of Her vast inner Waters in which Our Sacred presence is recorded and given birth.

Let us honor each other as the Spark of Joy and Drop of Water – We Truly Are

Let us offer ourselves to each other as a flame of Peace, Light and Love, and a Water that quenches all thirst.

Welcome to the Inner Chamber of Heart Resonance

May every vibration gather in balance and harmony.

Here We are no longer an individual expression of Source, for it is here.

We are Whole and do not need separation.

Breath slowly and deeply into these frequencies of the Crystalline Collective Consciousness.

Offer your Spark of Joy to the Collective Fire from which we are being re-calibrated and slowly return to your physical structure to align more easily with Ease and Grace.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.20.20

Let us send loving birthday wishes to Her every day to let Her know how much She is appreciated and loved for all that is offered to us.

Every day we can be grateful and share it with someone.

We are all experiencing life as humans.

Each of us has a different background with many wounds.

Yet gratitude and thankfulness will pull us through the quicksand, and that cannot occur if we can’t honor the Love and Light within ourselves.

So Happy Birthday to you all from my 73-year-old Heart and may you shine your Light and share your Love with less judgment of those to whom you send it.

Know that whatever they are moving through is as painful as yours, even when they appear to have everything you might want materially.

The most potent disease is one of the Heart when it is not seen or heard or rejected as worthless.

Let’s turn Mother Earth around from her devastation and co-create with her rather than what we are now doing.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.11.22