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The Light Within Show Notes

The Light Within

The Light within you is getting brighter and easier to access to counterbalance the darkness around you.

Everyone is changing as a part of the evolving collective consciousness. We call humanity.

Everyone feels suffering at some level due to beliefs that no longer align with who we are awakening to be at this moment.

In many ways, it is a re-birthing of the Soul, which I define as the Source Of Unconditional Love and the Source Of Unconditional Light.

Either expression is appropriate for humanity to evolve and become a more unified field of energy that assists Earth rather than destroys Her.

The rising suffering within us is triggered by the energy field of fear directed at all of us as civilization collapses.

It has never been done at this scale before. Because now, so many people are consciously awakening with an ability to assist in its progress.

Each of you is to leave the confusion of your brain and enter your heart to remember and receive the wisdom carried in the Light you are now receiving.

Be kind to yourself and honor what is revealed to you as a gift. Do not struggle to hold onto what no longer has alignment with your newness.

The Light within you will guide you through all darkness and suffering.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.7.22