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Show Notes 4.28.03

Today, I asked my guides for a topic and found “Multidimensional Communication” was written on one of my notepads. I call this synchronicity, not chance.

The ability to have multidimensional awareness is a natural process in all of us and our environment. It is a connection to the energies around us that get received through our pure hearts.

Our Heart is our source point or central command if you will.

It is simple, No Heart, No Living.

No Communication, No Evolution.

All of us learned many ways to communicate with each other. We now rely on computers and 5G networks, leading us to use Artificial Intelligence as if it were our best friend and a most significant asset to our future existence.

We thought this about the phone, radio, television, and computers. All of which are excellent tools that inform and teach us so much. Yet there is a negative side to all of this technology.

Technology – the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment – Britannica

We no longer use our physical cellular being to govern and direct us into the future because the above technology is slowly altering it.

Significant shifts in our inability to be kind and loving to each other are arising in all aspects of our societal structure.

Let us pause and reconnect to our natural inner communication system.

Please close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath into your belly, pause for a moment, and then slowly release it.

Inhale calmly again, feel it in your belly and imagine it continues into Mother Earth.

Exhale calmly and allow it to rise gently through the top of your head.

Your energy is stabilizing and creating an open channel to your Multidimensional Self.

We live fully in all dimensions when our energy field expands, not when contracted.

Practicing this peaceful breathing assists us in co-creating a well-balanced society that respects Mother Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

So let us be amazed at the technology but not forget it is only mimicking what we can do naturally.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.28.23

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