Pottery by Roger M. Galuska, Rochester N.H. – http://www.rockgardenpottery.com
Today at the local Farmer’s Market I saw this wonderful little vase on a table with some of the most wonderful pottery I have seen in a long time. Instantly it called to me and I told Roger that I could see Blue Jay Feathers in it. In talking he said that this piece kept him wondering who would purchase it and that was why it was separated from the other beautiful vases he creates. My connection was seeing the whole universe in it with the six-pointed stars radiating harmony and balance, reminding me of  my own creative powers and inviting me to dance. So I did… May our dance bring you as much Joy as Roger’s work has to me.
Deftly placed upon the table
calling out to passers-by…

find in me your balance,
between Earth and Sky

see in me your Blue Ray,
that shines throughout the heavens

know in me your beauty,
unparalleled and unique

hear in me the heartbeat of creation
welcoming you home

reaching within and without
in Harmony and Oneness

© Charlie Riverman Bergeron