Orgone Energy Bee created by Rhian Crystal Priestess

Orgone Energy Bee hand made with Love in Avalon. This is a stunning Orgone Gold energy device created as a special altar piece, to support your magical or healing work or to harmonise and revitalise the vibes of your home or workplace. 

This Bee’s activation began in the energies of the Summer Solstice and completed under the light of June’s Super Moon with the intention of it holding the Solar and Lunar energies in perfect balance. 

The Orgone base for this piece was created with 24K Gold and Pure Silver flakes, Selenite, Garnet and Epidote powders together with a Copper Coiled Lemurian Singing Quartz point that is placed in the ‘body’ of the insect. It is packed with soft, loving and gentle Rose Quartz (a soothing Heart Chakra stone often associated with love, dreams and peace) together with a large, sparkly moon-shaped Austrian Crystal with an opalescent colour that shines rainbowy-blue in the light (visible from above, you can see a slight bluey sheen in the picture). This piece is a amazingly, bright, vibrant and alive. 

The Bee is often thought of as a symbol of the Goddess, a messenger of the Divine Feminine, and a protector of Mother Earth. 

I have noticed that when making my Orgone pieces outside in the Sunshine here in Glastonbury, that Bees are often attracted to them!