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More than we can imagine
the shifting begins
let us stand in Unity

Many times we are called to sit quietly and see where we are attached to life.

It is in this spacious field of awareness, that we are called to answer the most amazing questions, that our minds can create for us to focus on.

There is not much silence in this practice. In fact we actually are responding to so much noise that it can be not only distracting but down right disturbing.

This is where I have been since my last blog post.

Constantly reviewing all of my patterns of behavior, as well as responses to stimuli, that are thrown at me without warning. It is quite a daunting task. I do not recommend it for those whose schedule is the most important facet of their engagement with life.

Only 10 days, yet it seems like forever!
Yet in that quiet or shall I say stillness, we are faced with all the causes of our discomfort and separation, both within and without.

Cleaning and clearing thoughts and organizing the self into new patterns, in a non-attached manner, reveals hidden treasures.

Hence my first words written as I feel the urge to return are an encouragement to us all, to embrace our ability to change, or shift as I prefer to address it.

To look forward from that space within ourselves
which sees only possibilities and co-creative energy
being utilized for the benefit of All…

More than we can imagine
the shifting begins
let us stand in Unity