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2016_02_17_Orchids Open

How beautiful it is to awaken and greet the day.
I love this picture of my orchid catching the 1st glimpses of sunlight and beckoning us all to join in with Her in celebration.

Yet it doesn’t take too long before that awesome feeling begins to slip away and the daily routine of our lives closes in around our gratefulness.

So where am I going with this, you might ask?

In these days of great personal and collective change, each of us are bouncing though our inner and outer worlds with greater awareness. The transitions are presenting us with new ways to look at old patterns of behavior that just will not work anymore. WE are being guided constantly, to release what does not serve our concept of who we are, in our Most High Presence.

The issue for me this morning was racism!
Where and why did this appear and more disturbing why did I feel that I needed to apologize on some level of my beingness.

Last night in an internet meeting I was feeling silly and playful like the child I was once. Many times over I Am sure. I was unconsciously choosing who was going to speak next but with Zoom you get to see each other and I must have been pointing back and forth when someone asked what I was doing. I innocently said playing Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe.
Funny how I never think or say the verses after that when I do it… just that part and whomever or what ever is Moe becomes what I choose.

However that little riddle has a had verse in its history that was racist. This morning it dawned on me that it could trigger perhaps, some painful experiences for someone in the greater field who experienced that remark and I felt uncomfortable that it came from my unconsciousness.

Now most people would laugh it off and say no big deal it was just a child’s rhyme. Yet this is where we are programmed to see the world in a racist manner. My “friends” as a child and today are of many nationalities and classifications of race and color and I hold no prejudice towards anyone. Yet, here was this tiny fragment of what is wrong with this world today, coming from my childhood programming.

So I thanked this little childhood memory, for allowing me to see the beauty of my innocence as a child and realize that I can forgive that child for being unaware.
Unaware of the “thankfully minor” damage to my abilities to celebrate life fully in the beauty of each of other.

So let us remember to be the kindness we wish to be…
not only to others but to ourselves
as we awaken each day
in deeper resonance
with All of Life

We are integrating ourselves on many levels

Peace, Light and Love