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Butterfly 7.20.15

The Butterfly and the Evergreen…

This is indeed Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun stands still and we experience the shortest allotment of light possible.
A time of deep inner reflection and realignment with our future self.

This was a memory on my facebook page which greeted me as I opened it this morning. Two beautiful and poignant symbols for such an amazing time of transition in human evolution.

The poetry by Linda Mottet was an inspired response to the original posting and perfectly describes how many of us feel right now, even though this was written a year ago.

Don’t know if I have lost myself,
or found myself,
I must be somewhere in between
shadow and illusion,
and the Real and Unseen.
– Linda Mottet

The Butterfly is a true symbol of Transmutation. It not only has begun as an egg, it has two more stages of life before it becomes the butterfly.
It is the symbol of the Soul which is constant, yet is contained in many forms before it’s resurrection.
Their messages are of Joy and Lightheartedness as if always dancing through their very meaningful purpose of creation, with deep resonance.
Each of us are Butterflies which have emerged and may have forgotten, our purpose is to be peaceful, attentive and joyful in our sense of creation, whatever that may be.

So I ask… Can we find ourselves in the Butterflies?
Knowing that we may only be larvae or the caterpillar in this moment. Always seeking the next opportunity to serve in our Divine capacity.


The Evergreen represents the immortality of the Soul and the unchanging nature of the Spirit whose strength and innocence along with virtuosity are the steadfast guiding forces of creation.
It reminds us also of our earthiness as it’s roots extend deep into the soil and maneuver around obstacles, which it then utilizes to keep steadfast.
Each of us once again being the Evergreen digging deeper into the mysteries of ourselves and the the darkness of initiation. Discerning the shadow from illusion, in order to better serve as the Light.

So I ask… Can we allow ourselves to be the Evergreens?
Knowing that our roots are placed firmly in darkness without fear, while our   strength to remain our Spirit of balance and virtue is everlasting.

And so the Sun Standing Still, has the power to reveal that we are much more alike than separate.

We are Butterflies and Evergreens
We are Souls in Transmutable forms
We are Divine Spirits of Light

Solstice Blessings to each of you
Charlie Riverman Bergeron