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It has been a while since I gathered and posted my Thoughts and Quotes so I will do it in sections.
This will bring us up to September 1st… many changes have occurred in such a short span of time.

Oftentimes we forget
or get lost in our thoughts
then WE return to Our One Self

Beautiful Children On Earth
Living in Balance and Harmony

As co-creators we have another opportunity to strengthen and support each other in unweaving the fabric, which the miscreant Storytellers whose denial of Truth has held us in captivity through fear and promise of death.
This conjugal event of Sun and Moon will now begin to fertilize and implant their new seed into the Divine Womb of Humanity, for us to nurture and sustain until Birth, deep and safe within our Hearts.

Spirituality is a lot like golf… you try to get that little ball in a hole you can’t see when you tee off and then when you are on the green you still struggle to get it

There is a calm within which it cannot be explained. It is not unsettling but quite balanced.
My sense of pushing through old patterns and new energies has reached a point of equilibrium which is not truly definable.
A deep breath or sigh in which we inhale and exhale the Universe in a seeming unconscious but freely aware state.
Peace be within You

Your awareness to not follow a teacher or group without fear of ridicule or retribution when it strays from its original precepts is a valid signal your Free Will is returning.

However rescue is not needed. Just a re-alignment within your heart to truly see the desire by others to manipulate you and keep you in a place of fear.

Many of us are now more fully aligned with True Purpose or Destiny if you will.
It is our Heart Centeredness that is propelling us as our source of inspiration and we are integrating the many dimensions of ourselves back into a cohesive and brilliant Oneness.
I feel we have gone ’round the bend’ in more than a metaphorical way yet what others have perceived as a misinterpretation of that phrase we are not coming apart but forming a tighter knot of integrity.

Change is my energy report for today…
Today there is definitely a change in energy in which I awoke to a beeping fire alarm detector because the batteries were corroded and a dog who would not stop shivering because of the noise.
The morning has progressed from constant but mild interference with concentration, too much time spent looking for things which are either non-existent or misplaced and the process of letting it all go.
All things are appearing to have us utilize our abilities to release attachment energy quickly and settle back into balance.
Evolving is definitely going to be interesting so buckle up.

Indeed as we open our hearts to their full radiance the head/mind becomes like a fragile child facing abandonment. It must be constantly reminded that the Soul is not seeking to harm but offering a union of the highest and most pure energy… A co-creative balance which is beyond its ability to conceptualize beyond time and space.
It is this trusting of the heart which quells the survival instinct and sets us free to explore our evolutionary path in ease and grace.

When we begin to leave the linear process of thinking we are usually faced with many triggers. It is a purposeful process which may not be comfortable but is necessary in order for us to return home within hearts. We then can aspire to ascend the spiral or winding staircase we leads to freedom from suffering.