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Where are you now in this moment?

Right Now is the most precious moment that can ever exist.
Especially when it comes to our self-care and nourishment.

It is why We show up together in this moment of heart resonance,
We are One breath, One heartbeat, One Love.

The Morning Fire we co-create reminds us that every movement we make
relies on our ability to overcome or move around all obstacles.

It is the very moment that we have a brand-new opportunity
to change our thoughts, our behavior, or the direction in which we flow.
Feel your heart beating and know the Sacred Flame within you cannot be stopped.

Its Divine Origin is never ceasing to communicate to and through you.

Allow today’s Fire to burn away all that is keeping you from being who you truly are.

Each one of us is always rising like the flames we gather around
which have no regard for minutes or years.

We are continually moving into the next moment to remember who we truly are within ourselves.

To come home into Our Divine Presence, which Our Ancestors still speak of, by knowing and honoring our True Self first.

Once again, creating harmony and balance together as Our Return to Innocence.

May each of your thoughts and desires for a new year align with who you indeed are.
Beyond time and space, and
Beyond what is happening to you or around you.

May We All come to deeply know how precious and powerful We are in that most fragile state of innocence.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.30.20