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I’m going to begin today’s talk with a question.

What does Universal Flow mean to you?

If anything at all.

This morning I pulled a Gabriel Message Card, which asked me to “Trust in the universal flow of good”…

I paused and thought about the many ways my sense of trust has been challenged over the past year. Then I recognized that everything is flowing back to its source and being renewed, even when it seems dark and foreboding.

I chose this ‘Soul Inspirations Message Card by Kahliya’ next as I listened to the “flow,” It reminded me how each of us is the Universal Flow. In many ways meaning We are calling to ourselves from a much higher level of our multi-dimensional experience.

Amidst all Darkness

Remember who You Are

Even as there will be those

Who will not see your Light

Remember who You Are

Even as you may feel at times

Defeated and Depleted

Remember who You Are

Be thy Light and shine then unto others

For as you

Continue to shine

They too shall remember who they are

~ Mia Leventhal

We are now more than ever being called to be the Light We Truly Are, during this stormy upheaval of existence.

Can you feel the Light within You?

Even if it feels dim or hidden beneath the pain and suffering, it is still there.

We came from Light and return to it when we leave our bodies, and many now know how important it is to live from the heart right now.

The most outstanding amount of human deaths every day and every year are from heart disease. What is the heart but a toroidal field of energy?

It creates that donut-shaped field of electro-magnetic energy we call a torus that resides within a larger one that reaches out 4-5 feet beyond the heart, which is further than your arms spread wide open.

This toroidal energy also represents your field of Light and Love, which it transmits when it is fully opened and free from blockages.

As you realize yourself as this powerful vortex of energy, you reflect the whole universe and the full energetic radiance that it emits.

We are being called now by this Universal Flow no matter what name we tag on it. We are becoming more deeply aligned within our molecular structure as if in a moment of contraction.

The contraction needed to bring forth a new paradigm and evolutionary stage of humanity as an entire and wholly restructured energy field.

Let us open our minds to receive what is needed from our future self, which will come in as Light Waves of Crystalline Energy.

Emanating from Outer Space and Inner Earth.

Finally, knowing that our concept of power has been corrupted and no longer sustainable, we can leave what no longer is in resonance with our future generations behind to dissipate into the cosmic vastness of our traveling through space and time.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.7.21

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