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Love And Respect Show Notes 9.24.21

Holding our hearts open can be a struggle

yet with gentle practicing, it becomes an easy flow

We must allow ourselves to love and be loved first

using kindness to offer it to ourselves

Each of those aspects may be hidden deeply and unknown

so, our sharing of Love may not always be welcomed by others

For as we all know, there are many wounds of the heart that need healing

and the pain and suffering each person carries is not easy to release

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.23.21 for Global Heart Team

This past week has been a huge challenge for many of us, and I say that with much compassion.

But, for me, the combination of shifting energies from the Full Moon and Equinox has been much like an Amusement Park adventure, and it hasn’t ended yet.

Today’s title of Love and Respect is an invitation that calls us all to think about the power of Love to heal or at least calm the suffering that each of us has endured for thousands of years.

When I wrote the words “our sharing of Love may not always be welcomed by others”, it lingered in my mind and directed it to all the moments when my Loving-Kindness has been rejected.

Each of us has had those moments and still remembers them when some simple form of rejection triggers the energy.

We usually close our hearts and travel back in time to those moments which may even be within our mother’s womb and allow those energies to take us on a roller coaster ride of emotional judgement.

As I write these words this morning, I feel that we have now come to a place within our collective history where we are increasing in strength to face and release those moments that carry forward energy which drives us to seek a repeat situation to rectify the past.

The word forgiveness arises in me, and we need to acknowledge that the rejection of Love hurts everyone. Both those who could not receive it and those who could not share it with respect in a kindly manner.

So here we are at a point of profound inner transition. It is a place where we have to release all of the leftover trauma of rejection and begin admiring our ability to reach out with Love in a new way.

The new way is from a place of abundance rather than lack. So let us open the wounds and let them bleed out so that they no longer have enough energy to stop or distort our Loving or Respecting each other.

When I saw the video of men on horses herding people seeking a better life, not as a movie of the past but an actual occurrence in the present, I did not know how deeply it would affect me. However, it has made me realize how precious each life is and how more Love and compassion are truly needed.

May each of you dive deep into your Hearts Wounds and release all that is easy first. The more challenging ones will shortly follow behind, yet through your practice, they will not overcome you, and you will be able to Love more freely and with a deeper respect for those who are suffering

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.24.21