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Let’s come together to extend Love to the whole world.
Not just those parts we adore.

Let us remember that we are a very big part of that world around us
and to live in a way that expresses our courage.

As well as our belief in the innocent potential and possibilities
we can co-create when we align with each other’s hearts.

When I think of this word I see an infant who has no desire other than to keep living and is incapable of intentionally harming it’s support system. However, as an adult we fall into a deep irreverence towards each other and our life support system.

Our potential as a collective of individual minds can synchronize with our environment and enhance it so that there is minimal destruction or harm done to the many different life forms in our communities.

Is the ability and willingness to blend our innocence and potential together in a way that creates positive outcomes for each of us rather than overpowering one another in a struggle for power or supremacy.
All changes are held in the frequency of possibility, be they good or bad. The issue for humanity is now to better discern what is no longer suitable for our future.

Balance is critical in moving forward and we are the hands on deck which need to shift the ballast before we become too unbalanced in the deep water.  

The awareness of the situation and our forward-looking vision is the first step in correcting our alignment with our future destination.
We are not lost at sea for we have an inner navigation system which is always connected to the sun and the stars.
The problem is our ability to stay in communication with them as the electromagnetic noise becomes thicker and more overwhelming.

We do however have the abilities to correct this within ourselves as we reconnect into the inner magnetic fields of Mother Earth which are broadcast through the trees, stones, and waters of her physical body.

As we seek to reconnect, we become more aware of the damage that has been done and begin to want to assist in limiting or ceasing our behaviors that contribute to her suffering.
We also recognize the similarities within ourselves and choose to do the same with our own healthiness becoming a personal responsibility instead of handing it over to others while we continue to damage ourselves.

This is the time of Awakening, of leaving the dreamtime of our selfishness.
May each of Us …

C ome back to Innocence
R ealize your full Potential
E mbrace the power of your Courage
A ccept the many beneficial Possibilities
T hank Mother Earth for Her tolerance
E volve with Her by deepening our Love and Respect

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.26.21

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