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Shelley Darling – Songline of the Heart 2022

My friend and teacher Shelley Darling has published “Songline of the Heart”. Thank You, for this wisdom and unique offering of your Heart Resonance.

It is an extraordinary journey of deeper awareness and synchronicity that changed her life. She is a woman who has changed many people’s lives while discovering herself in a world of healing herself, others, and energies in the land that cause distortion and illness.

The ancient process of Dowsing as an Sacred Evolutionary tool has more benefits for everyone when used to find energies in the land that cause distortion and illness so that they can be redirected or blocked.

The book’s title is merely a fraction of what she has to offer, it is a personal story as to how we can each open our hearts and move forward as our most potent and caring selves. Then helping others attune to that inner self that has many horizons to seek as living adventurers.

-Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Another friend writes
💥 I can’t put the book down! 🤓 It is such a great read! 🙏

Her book is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble
However you can
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A few words from Shelley
Greetings friends

I appreciate your willingness to take 2-minutes’ to listen to why I am coming to you for help. These are unusual times, and given the circumstances, I am grateful for your kindness and consideration in supporting me to buy the newly revised, published books I need to share my passion and grow visibility for the sacred art and science of Evolutionary Dowsing. (Click picture below for YouTube message)

From my heart to yours -Shelley

*My gift back to you:
For each donation of $25, you will receive a signed copy of the revised book “Songline of the Heart,” after the initial purchase of the new books. (gofundme link below)