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Transitioning Forward – Show Notes

Today let us look at what is happening around and within us. 

The shifts and distortions of our sources of energy have created a rotary
in which no exit seems to appear

How do we move forward becomes a question within each of us.

Another question is where all the overwhelming negative energy came from and why.

Each of us are transitioning in alignment with our Spiral Galaxy
as it completes another cycle as part of a much larger spiral of many galaxies.

We are evolving in many ways as a living species that has conscious awareness of its habitat.
The greatest challenge we face is in releasing our collective trauma as well as that which is personal.

When humans get startled by change we try to hold on to the past as if it was a life preserver.
Our greatest fear being death or suffering.

Yes everything in our lives may be changing but death is not imminent.
We will continue to move into something new and perhaps very strange
which may defy the old rules we created out of the fear we became addicted to.

How many movies have you seen in your lifetime,
containing torture, murders rapes and even aliens attacking us.

We have been taught to put fear first in our lives.
To always be suspicious of others as the deliverers of evil.

All of this programming holds us stuck in a magnetic field which drains us of our collective energy.

It is time to seek where the magnets are in your life that are keeping you stuck and remove them.
Yes you can remove them!
And when you do you will start moving into your personal transition without fear.

Transitioning Forward is not going to stop by making or revoking ridiculous rules and regulations.
It is not going to stop, period.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.29.22