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Currie Clan Founder

Clan Founder, Muireadhach O’Daly of Sligo, Ireland

So today the deeper meanings of my Irish ancestry came to surface as I chose to not celebrate St Patrick who was basically another migrant to Ireland.

Yes so many of us are migrants and have been transplanted and intermarried for hundreds of years. Which makes it so hard to trace the truth except through DNA which only tells of genetics not lifetimes.

As I pondered all of this I was guided to look up what records I have of my mother who was born in Belfast, Ireland and emigrated to the United States when she was 18 years old.

My Grandfather was a Beggs and I knew he had migrated from the Inverness area of Scotland to work at building ships for the Cunard Shipyards. His choice I’m sure was economic much like those of my father’s family whose migrations were from France to Canada.

However my Mother’s Mother was a Currie and there has always been a question of was she Irish or Scotch. Clan Currie is usually understood as Scottish.

So today after listening to her guide me, she brought me to this picture and told me that my poetic self was in the Irish genetic lineage that existed even before Clan Founder Muireadhach O’Daly of Sligo, Ireland.

That I needed to witness for them on this day because it is not in alignment with the original tribes of Ireland but Religious Invaders seeking to conquer not only their land but their souls.

That may sound a bit hard or judgmental but I could feel the pain and suffering of having to give up a complete way of life. One that had been as pure as the land it was lived on.
All for the greed of a teaching that was twisted to perpetrate torture and violence on many innocent humans of a land far away.
Certainly Not in alignment with the Source of their True Teacher.

Drombeg Circle5

Riverman in Drombeg Circle, Ireland many moons ago.

I personally hold no anger or sense of retribution for them or their decsendants but I spoke to my ancestors in the following lines which flowed from my heart…

In honor of My ancestors today…

May the stones of the earth

give way to the fertile soil

and the rains wash them both

May the skies ever remind us

of the most ancient songs

carried across the meadows

May this heart connection

deepen to remind us all

of our ancestors first arrival

To this Precious Garden

of Water and Earth

Charlie Riverman Bergeron