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Good Morning and may you each take a moment to feel into where you are and who you are.

Upon waking up, my morning’s questions that arose in my unsettled mind were far from pleasurable and why I was seeking guidance.

I’m quite sure many of you arise in that same manner.
Perhaps a dream had been less than pleasant or you might be not feeling well physically or emotionally.

The first card I drew today from the Sacred Space Meditation Deck is titled “Answers.”
“I need only to have faith and believe and the answers will be there.”

The affirmations speak about calling on the Source of Our Creation.
They refer to both the Universe and God as being the source of those answers we are seeking.

It also speaks of how, when galaxies collide they pass through each other without much damage occurring.

It reminded me of how many times we find ourselves feeling like we are headed for a collision and reach out for Higher Guidance.

The times we are living through right now bring this feeling up a lot for us all.

The Angel Blessings Cards from Kimberly Marooney were the next messenger for me this morning with the Angel Raziel who represents Knowledge.

Raziel means “God is my pleasure.”

After leaving the Garden of Eden, Adam experienced illness.
Raziel, it seems, was the Angel who “gave Adam a book listing all the medicinal herbs that could cure every possible illness.”

So it is in seeking knowledge that we find our answers, and it is in Knowledge we find guidance to healing.

The Key in all of this is this Biblical message from Matthew 7:7
“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.”

How interesting that our seeking is somewhat like those galaxies appearing to collide and yet they are passing through each other and sharing information.

We all have some knowledge to share, and if it is proper knowledge rather than personal frustration, then healing will proceed.

The “unlimited’ knowledge comes through us from our trusting beyond what we see.

It calls us to ask for assistance when we are in deep doubt.
Right now, in our world, there is much disagreement.

We are misguided by teachings that have been rewritten in order to control rather than guide us.

When seeking knowledge, let us choose Universal Knowledge, which combines the divine wisdom with our intuition. Bringing us fully into both the learning and the expression of it simultaneously.

We used to think the world was flat and that it was the center of the universe. In many ways, we are still acting in that manner and behaving in brutal ways with each other and all of nature.

Our knowledge now requires us to trust our intuition
pay more attention to nature
create together in balance

These expressions of our knowledge Challenge us right now
as we move forward in our evolutionary process.

We are paying more attention to what we are feeling
as the signs of change that need to be addressed.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.11.20